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Our Objective


Rage Machine, Inc. (RMI) is committed to excellence in providing your company with sophisticated machining services. RMI has the technology, experience, and modern equipment to efficiently produce the finest quality machined parts for today's demanding marketplace.


It is RMI's mission to become a dependable and quality partner in supporting your business with superior professional machining services.


Who we are and What we do

RMI is a mid-sized precision machine shop specializing in CNC mill and lathe work that combines old world craftsmanship with modern machining technology.


RMI started business in 1997 and has a well-trained staff including senior journeymen machinists with over 100 man-years CNC programming and operating experience plus support staff of machine operators, quality and administrative personnel.


RMI manufactures small to medium-sized metal and plastic parts to your specifications. We work with aluminum, steel, titanium, brass, copper, and most plastics.


RMI produces parts in small to medium production quantities, from single pieces up to several thousand parts per run. Parts range from simple single-operation machining to highly complex parts requiring multiple machining operations and processes. We design and build custom tooling and fixtures, optimized for cost-effective production of your parts.


RMI provides extensive prototyping services; including computer-aided design and machining (CAD/CAM) assistance, complete in-house CNC programming, cost-effective prototype machining services, and quick prototype delivery.


RMI works with quality partners to provide secondary processes such as heat treating, laser and water-jet cutting, and electrical discharge machining (EDM), plus finish processes including plating, painting, silk-screening, and cleaning.


RMI works with your designers to optimize designs and machining processes to produce parts that exactly satisfy your requirements at an economical cost. Our experience with cost effective machining processes and our willingness to work with your designers to refine part design and associated machining methods improves the manufacturing efficiency to reduce your cost.


RMI’s continuous improvement program further reduces your ongoing production costs by continually refining the manufacturing process and applying new technologies to improve quality and manufacturing efficiency.


RMI's dedication to accuracy and quality results in parts ”made right the first time and every time".


3561 Ryder Street,
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0707

PHONE:   408-749-1475
FAX:       408-749-1465
: office@ragemachine.com

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